EV Mamas meet for 1st meeting

East Valley Mamas had their 1st get together today Saturday, April 6th. Two mamas and two babies showed up to hang out at the Singh farms in Scottsdale. Beautiful weather and some great company made for a fantastic outing. The farm was a picturesque setting with large shade trees and gorgeous flowers through out the property. It is definitely a fun and fairly friendly place for toddlers to roam and play. The farms pathways are of a dirt compost which made for an exciting hands on experience and actually not to bad for pushing a stroller. Needless to say however, my 15 month old was covered head to toe in this dirt. He’s a boy so I guess a little dirt doesn’t hurt, right?

The farm also had this enclosed area where they kept all the chickens and turkeys. My little guy Bradford seemed to take a liking in watching them roam about the area. We stood there watching for quite some time before he lost complete interest and wanted to move on to something else.

Mama Courtney joined us with her 9 week old little girl Payton. Even Payton seemed to like the farm. She was so alert and taking it all in as she laid in her stroller. So precious.

The actual market at the farm was reasonably priced produce. I bought two large heads of Kale for 4.00. Now I have fresh and organic Kale right from the garden. They also sold homemade maple syrups, loafs of bread, hummus, jams and much more. If you haven’t had a chance to go to this farm, you must go! It was an amazing experience!

We finished off the outing with lunch at Rubios! All I have to say is yum!!! What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. Good company plus good times equals great memories.

All who couldn’t make today’s outing you were greatly missed. We look forward to seeing you at future outings and sharing our life as mothers together. Have a blessed day!:)




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